ADHDvCon Submission

What is the timeline for submitting content?

Video content submissions are due at 11:59pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, July 30th.

We will be confirming first round selections on Tuesday, August 13th.

There will be an option for you to take feedback given (if you opt in to it on the submission form), and make revisions for a second round submission if applicable.

The conference will take place the second week of October.

What kinds of video content can I submit?


ADHDvCon will be launching on YouTube Live, so make sure your video content is made with landscape orientation. Portrait orientation would be harder to see in a landscape window.


You will have the option of submitting to our Shorts program with videos that are 10 minutes or shorter, or our Full Length program with videos that are 25 minutes or shorter. As an FYI, we will be accepting a lot more Shorts than Full Length videos.


Make your content YOU, with any style and medium that reflects who you are. It doesn’t have to be a traditional talk. It can be a talk, a skit, a compilation of interviews, a cartoon, etc. We’re giving you full permission to be as creative as you want, and present information the best way you can. All content does have to be submitted in video file format, but beyond that, the sky's the limit.

Who owns my content after I submit it?

You do! If selected, you will be giving us permission to feature your content in our conference and on our YouTube/social media channels, but you are free to post that content on your own channels after the conference. If you are not selected to be featured in our conference, you are free to post your content immediately.

What do I need to have ready before submitting?

How many times can I submit?

We likely won't feature you more than once (or twice if there is a collaboration), because we value diversity of voices, but you are free to submit up to 3 times if you'd like to widen your chances of being featured.

How can I increase my odds of being selected?

Here are some guides for making content for ADHDvCon:

Have fresh, diverse perspectives. ADHD is not limited to one demographic or one viewpoint. We want to hear from everyone in the ADHD community. And we prioritize fresh ideas over recycled concepts.

Be helpful. Relatable content is fun and validating, but we want content that will help the community move forward

Be engaging. Use energetic, concise delivery.

Don't be a dick. We do not condone disparaging language or ableism, and will not be selecting submissions that shame any demographic, even those outside of the ADHD community.

Does it need to be professional/studio quality?

No, it does not! We do ask that you have decent lighting and sound quality, though. ADHDvCon is geared for a sensory-sensitive community. This can be done with most technology and lighting you already have in the house, though. There's no need to have high end microphones, ring lights, or cameras.

I want to submit content, but what if I don't get selected?

We totally get it. Submitting final content takes time and energy, and with ADHD, it can be harder for us to put in all that work without a guarantee that it will lead to anything.

The good news is that, worst case scenario, if we aren't able to feature your content, it is already complete! You can post that content on any of your own platforms! You have nothing to lose.

How do I submit my content?

Fill out this Google Form to upload your video file, along with your bio, information about you, etc.

Have questions? Send us an email at