Coming October 2024
Now taking submissions

What is ADHDvCon?

A free virtual ADHD conference via YouTube Live, the second week of October 2024

Why is ADHDvCon free?

We know that not everyone has the financial means to attend a lot of the big ADHD conferences, which is a shame. We believe everyone with ADHD deserves to get access to the information they need to move forward, and someone's financial standing shouldn't be such a huge factor in their ability to succeed. There will be opportunities to donate to our mission of providing access for all of the ADHD community if you find the conference to be helpful to you and have the means to do so, but it will never be required.

Who is this conference for?

The entire ADHD community, from those who have not yet gotten a diagnosis, to those who have, to professionals and content creators who work in this space, to industry experts, to the non-ADHD humans who want to better support the ADHD folk in their lives. Everyone is welcome.

What makes this different from other ADHD conferences?

The length of programming will be better geared for ADHD attention spans. No 1-3 hour talks here! We will have shorts programs that will be groups of content 10 minutes or less, and longer talks that will be up to 25 minutes long.

A more inclusive submission and selection process. Most conferences select talks from written proposals that favor those with previous speaking and proposal writing experience, and have nothing to do with how dynamic or high quality the actual talk turns out to be. This conference will select featured talks based on final content.

Who can submit content?

Anybody. You don't need to be an ADHD professional or someone famous to be featured in this conference. You don't even have to have made content before this! This can be the very first video content you make.

I'm interested in submitting content to ADHDvCon. How do I get more info?

Click here to go to the submission details page!

Our company wants to be a sponsor for ADHDvCon. How do we get more info?

Send us an email at