A collaboration event for ADHD professionals & content creators
aboard the Carnival Miracle cruise ship

To all professionals creating content in the ADHD space, whether that be social media posts, workshops, or talks… The Monoceros Initiative is pleased to announce our first event: Starboard✨

A four-day ADHD collaboration cruise aboard the Carnival Miracle, sailing out of Southern California, with stops on Catalina Island and Ensenada, from Sunday to Thursday, March 5-9, 2023.

Starboard programming will include sessions for content brainstorming, collaboration pitches, resource sharing, and more. This is also a cruise with fantastic food, entertainment, and events, so you will have plenty of opportunity to have fun with your fellow ADHD professionals and creators, as well as on your own.

Your ticket ($50) includes access to all sessions, an official event t-shirt, and more!


Are you ready to go Starboard✨ with us? Here’s how:

Step 1: Book your stateroom of choice at this link. Don’t forget to hold onto your Booking Confirmation # and date of birth (DOB) of the primary guest.

Step 2: Fill out your information on this Starboard EventBrite link, and pay our registration fee. If you are sharing a stateroom with one or more ADHD professionals, each of you will need to fill out your own Starboard EventBrite registration, using the same Booking Confirmation # and DOB.

Step 3: If you’re not a Southern California resident, arrange your travel plans so you can be in Long Beach on the morning of March 5, 2023 for embarkation!

Step 4: Pack your bags and join us on the cruise!

What (and who) is the Monoceros Initiative? 🤔

As fulfilling as this work can be, it can sometimes feel isolating to create this content on our own, but making new connections and suggesting collaborations can feel awkward and clunky, especially after years of pandemic living.

We, Ron Capalbo and Jaye Lin, are seeking to change that, with our new venture: The Monoceros Initiative.

The Monoceros constellation is a unicorn, a wonderful symbol for neurodivergence. Only a few of the stars in the constellation are visible to the naked eye, and yet the other stars still exist, significantly part of this constellation once the dots are connected.

Events with The Monoceros Initiative will connect ADHD professionals and content creators, forging bonds, connecting individuals for collaboration, and creating a community that makes us all bigger than the sum of our parts.


Q: Can I bring my partner and/or kids?

A: Yes! While only registered Starboard participants can participate in Starboard-specific programming, your partners and kids are free to come along on the cruise!

Q: What do I do if I can't find anyone to share a stateroom with me?

A: Email us at monocerosinitiative@gmail.com and we'll try to set you up with another participant! 

Q: What is the cost of booking a stateroom and what's that link again?

A: The cost of staterooms vary depending on type of room, how many people you are traveling with, whether you have special discount codes, and whether you wish to pre-pay for gratuity.  You can go to carnival cruise's website to find out more.

Q: Will I need a passport to get off the ship in Ensenada, Mexico?

A: If you are a US Citizen, you are not required to have a passport (proper identification like state issued ID is required to board the ship along with birth certificate, more info on Carnival's website) to get off the ship in Ensenada. There are, however, some restrictions if you are not a US citizen. Visit Carnivals website for more info.  

Have questions? Send us an email at monocerosinitiative@gmail.com